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Sometimes I think I eat too much. I think there could be something wrong with my levels/regulation/whatever of leptin, the satiety hormone (this is stuff I barely remember from first-year uni biology).

People who know me reasonably well know that I eat pretty slowly. Theoretically, slow eating is meant to give your body enough time to realise when it’s full (i.e. register that there’s a certain amount of leptin floating around), which lets you know that you should stop eating. But that’s not always the case for me…

Maybe it’s because I haven’t been eating morning and afternoon tea, and have just been having three meals per day… Maybe it’s because of full-time work…

But I wouldn’t really blame work. If given the choice, I tend to choose to not have a morning tea break (10 minutes) – usually because I’m not even hungry/tired or because there’s too much stuff to do. (Sometimes I’m not given a choice and am forced to take a break; sometimes people forget to send me on a break; sometimes I just completely lose track of time and don’t realise the morning’s gone until it’s time for lunch).

But I’m really enjoying my front shop rotation at the moment. I just talk to customers/patients all day. Am thinking it would be nice to stay there for the rest of the year…

2 thoughts on “chit chat

  1. Yeah it kinda puzzles me too, why I’m a slow eater but eat a lot at the same time; as it is mostly the fast eaters that eat too much.
    But really I think ‘too much’ is a bit subjective because you could eat quite a lot on one day but less on other days so it averages to be about your EER to maintain your weight. I wouldn’t be concerned about it unless you were gaining weight.

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