can’t be bothered to name this post

Feels like stress levels have ebbed a bit over the last few days or so – probably because I submitted another module for my intern program. But I still have one left, and less than two weeks to submit it, so I’m not sure why I feel like I can waste time doing nothing in particular…

Have been informed that we’ll be getting a “secret shopper” at work some time during the next few months. Am sort of worried about that. Do not want to stuff that up. Actually don’t know what happens if you do.

Should probably study more, especially considering I could be doing my intern exam in about a month and a half. Still unsure if I should take that one, or wait for the one in August (?) but have been told that it’s actually not that hard – just might have to rely on the AMH a lot.

Am happy that it hasn’t actually stormed in the last few days, even though most of the weather forecasts I saw said that it would. But I’ve also been watching the new breakfast TV show, aptly named “Breakfast”, on Channel Ten lately and I think that their weather segments are actually really good because they tell you the probability (percentage-wise) of it actually raining/storming. And it’s good that she tells us if the rain will be mostly coastal and hence not really affect the inner city area.

The weather person explains it in a way that is easy to understand, but still gives a good amount of detail/depth. And, of course, it’s very good that she actually seems to have a genuine passion for meteorology.