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I don’t really know who still watches ‘Glee’… but I still watch it, and I just really wanted to say that I’m glad Quinn didn’t die / get killed off. Even those of you who don’t follow ‘Glee’ have probably seen those ads leading up to tonight’s episode where they show the crash that happened at the end of the last episode.

I wouldn’t say that Quinn’s my most favourite character from the show (not that I dislike her either), but I actually found it a bit hard to re-watch the crash in those ads – over and over again (seriously, Channel Ten kept playing it). I think it might be the first time (or first time in a long time) that I really didn’t want a character in a fictional show to die. No, wait, first time was probably for Mufasa in ‘The Lion King’.

Anyway, having her killed off in a car accident right before a wedding didn’t seem right. It would be too much of a tragedy for a show like ‘Glee’. It’d be leaning too much toward the stuff of soapies.

But, the unfortunate thing is that, since most of the main characters are in their final year of high school and will be graduating, they will be leaving the show anyway (or will they?)

Speaking of high school, I wonder if it’s a bit weird for me to be avidly following a show about high school kids when I’m more than four years out of high school… Actually, I think some of the actors (that play the students) are older than me. Wonder if it’s weird for them…


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