who’s this

At work, we get a lot of phone calls, so I answer a lot of calls on any given day (except today – there didn’t seem to be many phone calls today). Some callers are super nice and very grateful for any bit of help provided (even when all I’m telling them is that we have stock of something and/or what the price is), and others are just down right irritable and have no intention of being polite.

When I answer calls, I sort of imagine what the person on the other end of the line might look like. It’s not necessarily a conscious thing that I do, but usually an image of some sort will come to mind.

Someone older, someone younger; someone calling from the quiet of their home, someone calling from their car on their way to the pharmacy (but not necessarily the driver, since talking on a mobile while driving is frowned upon); someone with a baby crying or a dog barking in the background; someone with a foreign accent or someone who speaks perfect English.

And then I wonder if the caller has painted a picture in their mind of what I might look like, and I wonder how far or close it might be to my actual likeness. But I suppose there’s less scope for them to imagine, since the setting over at my end is more or less constant: a pharmacy which could be presumed to be staffed by people of a particular age range and so forth.

And now, as I’m writing this, I wonder if my writing style or the content of my posts give anything away about what I might look like…

It’s strange how there’s this (subconscious) need to attach an image to everything.


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