sunshine sunday

It feels like this is the first Sunday in a long time that it hasn’t been raining. Perfect weather for laundry.

Speaking of laundry, we got a new washing machine the other day. I wasn’t there to select it and make the purchase (my parents went to buy it) but it was still pretty exciting to come home and see it (although on the night I came home after they’d brought it home, I was sort of too tired to be excited… but it was fun using it for the first time today).

Ok, enough about laundry (never thought I’d be blogging so much about laundry and other domestic things, but perhaps it’s a sign of getting old – I mean, “growing up” (that sounds a bit better))

Today was also the first time in over a month that I ate instant noodles. You might be wondering why/how I keep track of these pointless things but that, apparently, is how my mind works.

In other, neither more or less significant news, I have noticed that I’ve been craving cartoons lately. Not really any particular show, but I just really want to watch cartoons. The disappointing thing is that half the kids’ shows these days aren’t even cartoons.

Was pretty excited to see the 500th episode of ‘The Simpsons’ the other night, though. I reckon there have been funnier episodes, but any new episode of ‘The Simpsons’ is a big thing, let alone the 500th one.

Ok, enough rambling about nothing in particular. I’m going to go and enjoy the last rays of sunshine for today.