Had a random thought today (was going to call it a “ponderance” but am not sure if that’s a proper word or, if it is a real word, if it is suitable to this context, although it probably would be).

Can’t remember what I was thinking about before I had this random thought, but it was probably unrelated and hence not important. But anyway, I was wondering if it would be possible to raise a kid to believe that things are the opposite of their stereotype (e.g. that pink is a masculine, rather than feminine, colour).

Sure, it might take quite a bit of effort, and it might be pointless and of no real benefit to the parents or the kid, but it’d be possible, wouldn’t it? Stereotypes aren’t things that we just know (or are they?)

Oh wait, I remember why this thought occurred to me. I was looking out the window and I saw two girls and a guy walk past. The two girls looked sort of alike (from what I could tell from that distance), so I thought they might be twins. The guy had the same colour hair, so I thought he could be their brother. But then I thought, “what if they’re triplets?”

And so I wondered what it would be like for a guy to grow up with two sisters as part of a set of triplets, and vice versa, and whether the parents would feel obliged to do away with gender differences to help them all get along better.

Yes, riveting stuff, isn’t it?

In unrelated news: I have now gotten all of my CPD (continuing professional development) requirements for the year – and it’s only March. But, being me, I’m not going to stop there. I’m going to try to get triple, or a least double the minimum requirement. We’ll see how I go.

And lastly, just wanted to mention this song I’ve had stuck in my head for most of today. It’s quite a catchy song, but I have no idea why it just randomly popped into my head today. Ashamedly, I have to admit that I can only remember fragments of it – it’s been so long since I heard it in full.

State High, State High; Long live the sturdy old State High

3 thoughts on “spades

  1. Yay State High!!! 😀 I always think back to it every time I pass South Bank bus station…
    And yes it’s actually possible to raise a child without the influence of stereotypes like gender. One couple did it:
    But found it too hard after the boy turned 6 years old. (Yes, this is the stuff I procrastinate on… reading news like that..)
    Anyway congratulations on finishing all your CPD requirements; how is it even POSSIBLE to finish in early March?!! Is it self-paced online study or something?

  2. Yeah, I think I’ve heard of parents trying to raise their kids “gender neutral”. Seems like more effort than it’s worth, though. There are probably also cases of people raising girls as boys and vice versa .. but I don’t want to go into it too much…

    For CPD I do quizzes, etc from pharmacy journals and go to lectures/workshops. I guess I finished early mostly because I went to a two-day workshop that was about 2/3 of my total CPD requirements 😀

  3. Haha yeah I wouldn’t do that to my kid, who knows what the consequences might be…
    Wow that sounds a bit too little CPD for an entire year, just two days equivalent to 2/3rds! Oh well that’s probably good for you 😛 because you get to spend more time relaxing and also doing pharmacy stuff in your own time at your own pace…

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