first first day

So today was the first day back at uni. Not for me, but for a lot of people I know. Feels weird not having a first day back at school/uni. It’s my first year in however many years of not having a “first day” – the first “first day” that I don’t have (if that makes sense).

I do sort of miss uni. I don’t exactly miss Pharm school as a place, since I’ve already been there about three times so far this year for workshops, etc and I’ll probably be there quite a few more times before the year is through. But I guess I miss the .. lifestyle (?) that comes with being a uni student.

I suppose this is all a part of growing up or something.

At the moment, I’m sort of caught between really wanting to study (because I think I’ve forgotten a lot of stuff since finishing final exams last year and also because there are quite a few things we weren’t really taught at all) and really wanting to read another novel (not any novel in particular, although I have received several recommendations that I hope to get around to some time in the near future).

In the past, the first day back at uni meant I read nothing other than course-related material until the end of exams for that semester. It wasn’t so much a self-imposed restriction/ban, but when I prioritised my reading, course work always came first. Since the intern program doesn’t exactly have semesters, if I used the same prioritising system, I might not read another novel until November/December, which is an incredibly horrific thought.

I think I should get back to reading ‘Brother Fish’ …right after I finish my online quizzes.


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