professionally developing

Back in the studying mood again. I attribute this to the two-day workshop I went to today and yesterday. I just hope that I can keep up this studying mood because I have to follow up on this workshop next year. (Plus, I’m sure a bit of studying will be of some help with pre-reg year.)

Parts of the workshop made me feel like I was back in 4th year tutorials. It was a good feeling. It was nice being back at PACE. Something tells me that I’m never going to get away from that place for good (not that I mind, really).

The only bad thing was that we had pretty good weather this weekend, and I had to spend most of it inside, as is usually the case. Then it started to rain when I left this afternoon. Didn’t mind the rain so much, since it made the air so nice and cool, but thunder and lightning don’t quite make for a pleasant walk.

As I walked home, before the thunder and lightning came on, I was thinking about the concept of continuing professional development (CPD) (after the thunder and lightning came on, I was just thinking about getting home as quickly and dryly as possible).

It sort of sucks (“sort of”? some would say it definitely sucks) that we have to keep paying money to stay registered/accredited and whatever. Would be nice to say that it’s not about the money and that we should be thinking of nobler things, but people can’t live off gratitude and rapport (although.. you possibly could, depending on how these were expressed).

I guess maybe if professional development events, etc were free (or cheaper), then more people may be inclined to participate and we may have a more professionally developed profession. But the economist part of my mind is quick to add that setting prices too low would result in demand far exceeding supply, and we can’t have that happening.

I wish it was easier to get CPD points but, at the same time, part of me relishes the challenge.