within itself

Had a weird dream a couple of nights ago. I have a lot of weird dreams. It’s probably more accurate to say “had another weird dream last night”.

In this dream, I was telling people about other dreams that I had had last week – actual dreams that I actually had just last week.

Yeah, I’ve had factually correct dreams before, and I’ve had dreams where I knew it was a dream (or someone else in the dream knew that it was a dream), but I think this is the first time I’ve had a dream in which I’m talking about previous dreams that I’ve actually had.

I guess it’s sort of like those dreams where you dream that you’re having a dream and then you wake up in the primary dream and realise the secondary dream isn’t real. But this time, I wasn’t dreaming in the dream. I bypassed the dreaming-in-a-dream stage.

But I guess you could say that, since I woke up from last week’s dreams and remembered them, they became part of “waking life” and were hence able to become part of other dreams in the same way that other parts of “real life” show up in dreams. Logical, isn’t it?

Before I finish this post, just wanted to say that I’m very happy at the return of “Talking about your generation” (Ten). Not sure if I was just in a particularly happy/laughing mood at the time but I just found last night’s show hilarious. That “human hotdog” game (or whatever it was called) even brought a tear to my eye from laughing so much.


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