calling all book-lovers

The sort of books that I read cover a lot of different genres. I’ve always asserted that I have read and will read just about any genre (as long as it’s still fiction). But then I realised this morning that there are a few genres that I always seem to avoid, including romance (of the particularly soppy/cliched kind), horror (of the particularly gruesome sort) and country/western (no explanation needed, right?).

So, because I seem to have my most brilliant ideas early in the morning (or late at night, or any time I happen to be brushing my teeth), I thought it would be a good idea for me to purposely seek books of these genres that I happen to avoid, and to read at least one book from each of these genres in the coming year.

Would you call this a new year’s resolution? Yeah, I guess you could. Never too late in the year to make one.

The main problem is, in order for this to work (i.e. in order for me to get through an entire book of an avoided genre without feeling like it’s some sort of torture, and without causing me to swear off that genre forever), I have to select books that are actually at the top of their categories. And this is where you, fellow book-lover, come in. I need recommendations.

It can be for a romance, horror or country novel, or just any random genre that you’re particularly passionate about. I used to read a lot of fantasy books, but have sort of drifted away from them in these last few years, so would appreciate a good fantasy novel recommendation, too.

And, you know what, I want to challenge you to read outside your comfort zone, too – even if it is just one book. It could be unexpectedly rewarding.