sizzle and burn

Man, it has been ridiculously hot today. Actually, when I think about it, not really that ridiculous. This is to be expected of normal Queensland summer – except that we haven’t had a massive storm yet (not my area, anyway). It was supposed to storm today. Very disappointed that it didn’t storm on a day that I’m at home the whole time. Knowing my luck, it’ll probably storm tomorrow when I have to go to/from work.

Too hot and bothered to go anywhere or do much today. Learning to appreciate doing absolutely nothing again.

Have had two whole consecutive days at home. Already feels like I’m back on summer break, rather than just a two-day break between two full-time work weeks. Does not feel like I’m however many weeks into full-time work. But, don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll go back to feeling like that tomorrow.

Have been reading ‘Brother Fish’ (Bryce Courtenay) – or have been trying to read it. It’s not that it’s hard to read, or written in a non-reader-friendly way, but it hasn’t really captivated me, so I haven’t been reading more than 10-20 pages in one sitting. Also probably having slow progress with it because I haven’t had that much time for reading lately, and because the heat just does away with any motivation to do anything (except eat ice-cream and lounge around in air con).

Maybe I should have read something else in between finishing ‘This Charming Man’ and starting ‘Brother Fish’…