keep walking

I have worked 30 hours in the last three days. Am so glad that tomorrow is a public holiday and I don’t have work (although I reckon if tomorrow was a normal work day, I wouldn’t have had the massive workload that I’ve had these last three days and hence wouldn’t have had to do extra hours).

Yeah, sure, to some people, 30 hours in 3 days doesn’t seem like that much, but it’s a fair bit for me. I don’t really mind long work days. Probably wouldn’t mind having a regular four-day work week, but it doesn’t seem that .. balanced/steady. Half your week’d be full-on work, and the other half would be full-on .. non-work.

Anyway, I was a bit surprised when I left work this evening and found that it wasn’t raining. In fact, it seemed like it had stopped raining several hours before I finished work. Can’t really tell if it’s raining or not inside my little bubble.

The park near my house smells like a swamp now because of all the rain. Sort of looks like one, too, with all the puddles of water everywhere. But the grass looks so green now~!

Was happy to not come across any toads on my way home, but could hear them off in the bushes, possibly doing something I most certainly do not want to know about. Suffice to say that it was very loud (or there might have just been a lot of toads together – either way, still don’t want to know).

Well.. looks like this post has taken a turn for the worse…

Tired minds are never too tired to rant, rave and ramble if given the right topic.

still going

Feels like it’s been a long time in between posts. I almost thought I’d forgotten my weekly post for last week. No, not going to happen.

Back to doing sterile compounding this week. Just realised there’ll be increased workload because of the public holiday on Thursday. What a great week to be back at compounding…

Am grateful that the rain has held off during my morning and afternoon/evening commutes. Am grateful even though rain does not recognise gratitude (nor can it read my blog, which is actually the only place I’m expressing this gratitude).

A lot of things that people do don’t make sense. Let’s not overthink it.

Just thought I’d also mention that it’s not too late to give me more recommendations for my reading-outside-my-comfort-zone challenge (don’t think it is really a challenge, as such, but couldn’t think of what else to call it). I think I’d be more inclined to read books from certain genres that I don’t usually read from, if certain titles were suggested by someone else.

Another random pondering: I think I’ve still been lapsing, from time to time, into talking/writing like Lola from ‘This Charming Man’ (Marion Keyes) even though it feels like it’s been a very long time between now and when I read it. The style of writing in Lola’s chapters took a bit of getting used to but, in the end, I reckon I liked her chapters the best.

I apologise for the lack of cohesion and whatever in this post. This is just one of those time when I feel like writing but don’t really have anything in mind.

calling all book-lovers

The sort of books that I read cover a lot of different genres. I’ve always asserted that I have read and will read just about any genre (as long as it’s still fiction). But then I realised this morning that there are a few genres that I always seem to avoid, including romance (of the particularly soppy/cliched kind), horror (of the particularly gruesome sort) and country/western (no explanation needed, right?).

So, because I seem to have my most brilliant ideas early in the morning (or late at night, or any time I happen to be brushing my teeth), I thought it would be a good idea for me to purposely seek books of these genres that I happen to avoid, and to read at least one book from each of these genres in the coming year.

Would you call this a new year’s resolution? Yeah, I guess you could. Never too late in the year to make one.

The main problem is, in order for this to work (i.e. in order for me to get through an entire book of an avoided genre without feeling like it’s some sort of torture, and without causing me to swear off that genre forever), I have to select books that are actually at the top of their categories. And this is where you, fellow book-lover, come in. I need recommendations.

It can be for a romance, horror or country novel, or just any random genre that you’re particularly passionate about. I used to read a lot of fantasy books, but have sort of drifted away from them in these last few years, so would appreciate a good fantasy novel recommendation, too.

And, you know what, I want to challenge you to read outside your comfort zone, too – even if it is just one book. It could be unexpectedly rewarding.

big picture

We finally got some rain today, a day when I’m at home the whole time. Just my luck, ey?

Nothing quite like rainy days at home with a good book or movie (or both – it’s a whole day, after all) and the hum of rain and traffic in the background. Sure, I would’ve liked to have gone for a walk this afternoon, but this alternative is ok, too.

Watched ‘Juno’ today because I’d never seen it before, so I sort of just randomly decided that I felt like watching it today. I think it’s the sort of film that most people will either hate or love – not really something you’d watch and just be like “meh, it was ok”. And, yeah, I liked it. Thought it was good. Don’t like that Mark guy, though, or whatever his name was.

Watched ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ on SBS1 last night. It wasn’t a bad movie, but it seemed kind of pointless. Nothing really changed in any of the characters – some distance was covered, but in the end there’s no displacement (one of the most useful physics concepts I ever learnt).

I don’t think I’ve watched a movie at the cinemas since November last year (someone correct me if I’m mistaken). Would like to go out for a movie, but since I’m working lates this week (8pm finish counts as the late shift where I work), looks like that’s not going to happen for a while…

sizzle and burn

Man, it has been ridiculously hot today. Actually, when I think about it, not really that ridiculous. This is to be expected of normal Queensland summer – except that we haven’t had a massive storm yet (not my area, anyway). It was supposed to storm today. Very disappointed that it didn’t storm on a day that I’m at home the whole time. Knowing my luck, it’ll probably storm tomorrow when I have to go to/from work.

Too hot and bothered to go anywhere or do much today. Learning to appreciate doing absolutely nothing again.

Have had two whole consecutive days at home. Already feels like I’m back on summer break, rather than just a two-day break between two full-time work weeks. Does not feel like I’m however many weeks into full-time work. But, don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll go back to feeling like that tomorrow.

Have been reading ‘Brother Fish’ (Bryce Courtenay) – or have been trying to read it. It’s not that it’s hard to read, or written in a non-reader-friendly way, but it hasn’t really captivated me, so I haven’t been reading more than 10-20 pages in one sitting. Also probably having slow progress with it because I haven’t had that much time for reading lately, and because the heat just does away with any motivation to do anything (except eat ice-cream and lounge around in air con).

Maybe I should have read something else in between finishing ‘This Charming Man’ and starting ‘Brother Fish’…

week one

Didn’t think I was going to miss my first post-per-week post, did you? I was starting to think I might. Have not been good at keeping track of what day it is this week. Every day has felt like some day other than the actual day.

Been going well with the early starts, though (haven’t been late yet! and am usually a bit early). Really don’t mind it. I reckon it’s better than finishing late and then not having time to do anything except go home and sleep (although it would be nice to be able to sleep in).

Some people seem more cheery in the morning. For example, train station announcer guy who says stuff like “please take all personal belongings with you when you leave the train, as you may need them later” and “this train terminates here, so please don’t board this train, as it will only end in disappointment”. Totally makes the morning commute just that little bit more interesting (will leave it up to you to decide if that was sarcastic or not).

Speaking of trains, public transport fares have gone up again. Not sure if anyone else has noticed, but it seems like there’s a lot less people on peak hour buses and trains now. I mean, I knew people were going to abandon public transport when they increased the fares, but the emptiness seems pretty significant…