twelve hours

Started work at 7:30am today. Did sterile compounding the entire day (except my one hour lunch break). Clocked off at 7:30pm. Left work at about 7:50pm (stayed for a bit to eat and rest and talk to fellow late shift pharmacy people, although I know some people who wouldn’t call 8pm “late”).

Spent more than 12 hours indoors, in the pharmacy. Even had lunch at the back of the pharmacy (because it was Christmas lunch when everyone brought food). Pretty much only ever left the pharmacy in those 12+ hours to go to the toilet. Did not see sunlight except in the morning commute to work. Did not even know it had been raining (or for how long) until I left work.

Of those 12+ hours, I’d say about 10 hours were spent in the sterile compounding room. You’d think I’d be sick of it but, no, not sick of it yet. Today was actually my very first day doing sterile compounding by myself without someone else in the room to check that I’m doing things correctly, and of whom I can ask questions such as “does that look alright..?”, so it was actually quite exciting.

I would write about things other than work, but I just realised that, for the last five days, I haven’t been anywhere other than work, home and the supermarket. But that’s ok. The festive season is upon us – time for more parties!