Irish charm

Finished reading ‘This Charming Man’ (Marian Keyes) today. As promised in a previous post, I’m dedicating a post to it.

It’s a pretty incredible book. Really liked the character development and story progression and all that sort of stuff. I’ve never read a novel quite like it. Don’t think I’ve ever read one set in Ireland and/or about Irish people, so I learnt quite a few Irish terms/phrases, which I’m supposing to be Irish because I’ve never heard them from Australian/American books/TV, etc.

Cannot remember them all, but a few that popped up a fair few times include: fizzog (face – deduced meaning from context), culchie (rural person – had to Google this), jingle (money) and… yeah, too many to remember. Point is, it’s very interesting lingo they use over there.

Anyway, back to the book… It actually explores a lot of different issues/themes (or at least touches on them) – heartbreak, alcoholism, smoking, cross-dressing, domestic violence, etc. Very insightful and perceptive and well articulated. But that’s not to say it’s a really serious book. No, it is very funny and very witty. But not a book for the faint-hearted.

The way it’s written is sort of like ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ (Jodi Picoult) in the sense that it alternates between different characters’ perspectives, but it’s not so much different perspectives on the same events, but different stories that intertwine. My favourite character/story was Lola (although it took me a while to get used to the writing style used in her chapters). Very original sort of story.

I wish I could freely recommend ‘This Charming Man’ to everyone, but I know it’s not something that everyone would enjoy (it’s quite explicit and confronting at times – probably should have an MA15+ rating). It’s a really incredible book, though. Very glad that I bought it (and am willing to lend to anyone (that I actually know) who wants to read it!)