chill, man

Totally loving this cold snap at the official start of summer. If the rest of the summer could be more or less the same as today weather-wise, I’d be quite happy.

Was just too bad I couldn’t take advantage of the nice weather and my day off work, though. I did go for a run in the late afternoon / early evening, but it was cut short because there was some … unruly behaviour … on the streets near my place. (Don’t worry – it was nothing serious. All bark and no bite.)

Actually spent most of today reading. I have noticed that people don’t really know what I do in my spare time. I’m not really at extremes for anything – not a gamer, not a couch potato, not a Youtube addict, not a sport fanatic. I’m not obsessed with books, but I do love a good read. So, I guess, if you are still wondering what it is that I do in my spare time, I read.

But internet, TV, sport, etc do have a part in my life.

Anyway, the book I’ve been reading is ‘This Charming Man’ (Marian Keyes). It is such a good book. Seriously. I was going to wait until I’d actually finished reading it before writing about it here, but I just could not resist a quick mention. Expect to see a full post dedicated to ‘This Charming Man’ in the next week or so after I’ve fully read and digested the book!

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