this stuff is brilliant

I found this WP blog on the Freshly Pressed page, and I seriously think it is among the more brilliant blogs I’ve stumbled upon in a while (not that I spend that much time stumbling upon blogs, or that other blogs I follow aren’t awesome in their own right, but this one is really .. just .. brilliant).

I’ve liked all the posts I’ve seen on it so far (not actually “liked” as in clicked on the “like” button for all of them because I didn’t want to spam them with all these notifications of me liking them), but I figured I’ll just share one, and you can take it from there:

Migraine or Tumor.

I chose this post because I like the educational value in it, in the sense that it teaches people what migraines are and hence helps to correct the misuse of the word “migraine” in self-diagnosing headaches.

I also like this post because I can relate to it, in the sense that I, too, sometimes wonder if certain symptoms are a sign of something more sinister. Usually my rational side wins out, too, but, having a health sciences background, it can be hard not to speculate sometimes.

Speaking of health sciences, I had my last undergraduate exam today. (Hooray for me!) One step closer to being a qualified pharmacist.


One thought on “this stuff is brilliant

  1. i love too!
    hmm,seem like you’re more on the paranoid side than rational! haha (:

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