do not disturb?

Just because it’s exam time, doesn’t mean I’m too busy to post! You didn’t really think I’d forget, did you? Probably too busy with your own study/exams to notice…

In actuality, this is probably the least stressed exam block I’ve had since first year, or maybe high school. Well, either way, things aren’t too bad. Sometimes I wonder if I should be more stressed and study more… but you probably don’t want to read about that.

On to something more interesting / less boring: I was talking to a friend yesterday about songs that have titles that don’t really make sense because they’re words/phrases that are only mentioned once/twice in the entire song or not at all.

Take, for example, “Do not disturb” by Let’s Get It. I don’t think they actually say “do not disturb” at any point in the song, and even considering what the song is about, I’m not sure that the title is really that relevant. Have a listen – you’ll see what I mean.

I think the title is meant to have “tell me how bad” in parentheses, but that would probably make more sense as a title in itself than “do not disturb”. But this is a petty thing, really. I do like the song – it’s quite catchy, and really fun to play on Tap Tap Revenge, which is where I first discovered the song, along with others such as “We love like vampires” by Sparks the Rescue, which is also a cool song, but with a slightly weird MV…

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