gone fishing

This last week has actually been pretty relaxed/cruisey. I only had two days of class, and the second day wasn’t even a proper day of class. I’m sure people who know me have all seen the photos on Facebook of our Halloween day at PACE. That was pretty awesome. Kudos to those who put time and effort into their costumes.

Feels a bit weird to be done with uni classes, though. Don’t think it’s really sunk in yet. I’ve been trying to remember what it was like finishing high school, and I think the feeling is sort of like that. Sort of sad that my four years of pharm school are over, but still quite happy and proud that I’ve made it through and am about to take the next step (still have to finish exams, though!).

I’m gonna miss pharm school. I’m not going to be overly emotional about it or whatever, but uni life will definitely be missed (especially considering that I’m essentially going to be working full-time hours once exams are finished).

This week was also my first time going fishing. We didn’t catch anything (other than small crabs and random stuff – and seaweed!) but it was a fun day regardless, so it didn’t matter so much that there were no fish. A lot of people (I’m assuming) have dreams of going overseas and travelling and whatever, but I reckon if I can have days like that every now and then (and weekends/nights out on a more regular basis), then I won’t mind if I never set foot outside this country.