dodging specks

One thing that I like about reading other people’s blogs and et cetera is that it makes me feel normal.

For example, the other day, I stumbled upon a random person’s tumblr (I don’t really remember how or what the address was – I think it was reblogged from somewhere else anyway) and they had posted about something which I could totally relate to. I didn’t realise it was such a common thing.

Occasionally, when you drink water or some other sort of beverage, you may notice a speck of some sort floating around in your cup. Surely this has happened to everyone at some point, right? What I usually do is “try to drink around it” (as the random person put it) rather than attempt to scoop out the speck or pour it out.

I used to think I was the only one who did that. But that random person’s post was reblogged so many times. And I now know that a couple of friends also do this, so I don’t feel so weird.

Although it is (what I consider to be) the lazy option, when you think about it, it does sort of take a fair bit of effort because you have to watch the speck and make sure you don’t drink it. In a sense, it might also be a bit pointless because if you’re drinking the water that the speck’s floating around in, what difference would it make if you just drank the speck, too?

But, you know, that’s not going to stop me.

The other thing I find interesting is that no one ever gets taught/told to do this (at least, not that I know of… I mean, who would teach their kids to drink water like this?) but evidently so many people do this anyway. It’s almost as if it’s human nature to drink around specks.

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