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Handed in my last assignment for the year today! No more assignments! No more group assignments!

You know, I’ve realised that, no matter how much I dislike an assignment, I will still try to get a good mark (as opposed to just aiming for a pass). And, no, this is not just because I like getting good marks. I reckon there are a few other factors involved, such as proving a point (to myself and to the assignment and whoever set the assignment), having confidence that I’ve passed (rather than second-guessing and hoping), and my possible mild case of perfectionism.

Well, either way… I don’t think there was really a point in mentioning all that, so… moving on…

In other news, my aunty gave me her iPhone because she got a new phone. It is my first Apple product. I’ve finally joined the crowd. Good thing I put off getting a new phone for so long.

This is actually probably my most favourite time of semester – when assignments are all done, and there’s nothing left to do except study~! (Yes, my thought train looped back to uni assessment.) Not sure if it’s just me, but I reckon this part of the semester feels calmer. Even at the start of semester, there’s all this anticipation and fear about what assessments are coming up. But when there’s only exams left, I feel more in control.

But even having said that, I still reckon the oral exam is going to be pretty nerve-wracking.

Something else I realised: I might seem perfectly calm before the exam, and in the holding/waiting room, but things can fall apart so easily. Yes, ok, I’m being a bit melodramatic here, but it doesn’t take much to knock down that one domino that sets off a cascade. Ok, so still a bit overly dramatic, but you get my point.

Let’s archive today, go to sleep, and start anew tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “next page

  1. I like how it’s filed under milestone 🙂
    I finished my interview exam and the assessor said I did well (surprisingly), unfortunately I have a feeling I might not have passed because I went overtime in the write-up (I didn’t even realise what the time limit was for a pass until I checked later on 😦 )… I feel so so sad that I let myself down with such a stupid and minor thing… and the agony is that I have to wait until Tuesday to confirm whether I passed or failed (I’m going to assume I failed because it was a mandatory criteria….)

    • It’s usually a good sign when the assessor says you did well (as opposed to something like “Thanks, you can go now”), right…? Hopefully you’ll get some good news on Tuesday!

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