one step back

I was just reading a few random posts from last year, when I came across my first WordPress post, which was at about this time last year, meaning that I’ve been on WP for about a year now. Sort of feels like it’s been longer than that. Really feels like my blogging home now.

I also came across a few posts from earlier this year where I wrote about books that I’d been reading (‘The Old Curiosity Shop’, ‘One Shot’, ‘My Sister’s Keeper’). Really made me feel like reading again. I seriously have not read a novel in so long. I’ve been so deprived! I think once uni finishes, one of the first things I want to do is find myself a good book to read.

The other thing I look at, when looking back at older posts, is if things have changed. But since I tend to write about pretty random stuff anyway (that is, there isn’t really a consistent theme for the posts), I guess it’s more to see how my writing’s changed. There are times when I’m writing assignments when I feel like my writing’s gotten worse since leaving high school. I reckon I’ve mentioned that before. I also think my memory might be worse, too.

Ok, maybe not worse, but different – it works differently.

Sort of wonder if my writing is also less sarcastic now… Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, though. I do like a bit of sarcasm (as long as it’s not malicious or whatever). And what a dull world this would be without a bit of sarcasm, ey?

It doesn’t matter if you fall – everyone falls at some point.

2 thoughts on “one step back

  1. i totally get it when you wanna look at your old posts and see if things have changed or your writing style. and a little sarcasm wouldn’t hurt.. (;

  2. I think my writing style has certainly become less elaborate and more plain. They always say “make it plainer, we don’t want it to have lots of fancy words!”. So yeah, this is what being a health professional does to you: it makes your way of talking so much less colourful…. at least in terms of language (not jargon)…

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