one step back

I was just reading a few random posts from last year, when I came across my first WordPress post, which was at about this time last year, meaning that I’ve been on WP for about a year now. Sort of feels like it’s been longer than that. Really feels like my blogging home now.

I also came across a few posts from earlier this year where I wrote about books that I’d been reading (‘The Old Curiosity Shop’, ‘One Shot’, ‘My Sister’s Keeper’). Really made me feel like reading again. I seriously have not read a novel in so long. I’ve been so deprived! I think once uni finishes, one of the first things I want to do is find myself a good book to read.

The other thing I look at, when looking back at older posts, is if things have changed. But since I tend to write about pretty random stuff anyway (that is, there isn’t really a consistent theme for the posts), I guess it’s more to see how my writing’s changed. There are times when I’m writing assignments when I feel like my writing’s gotten worse since leaving high school. I reckon I’ve mentioned that before. I also think my memory might be worse, too.

Ok, maybe not worse, but different – it works differently.

Sort of wonder if my writing is also less sarcastic now… Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, though. I do like a bit of sarcasm (as long as it’s not malicious or whatever). And what a dull world this would be without a bit of sarcasm, ey?

It doesn’t matter if you fall – everyone falls at some point.