friday night

If there’s one night of the week that should be free from work and study and all things stressful, it should be Friday night. But, to be fair, Friday night owes a lot to Saturday, when there is generally nothing urgent due. Even if you have to be somewhere important early on Saturday, it’s a good excuse to do nothing and go to sleep early on Friday night.

Thank goodness for the wonderful Friday-Saturday combination.

On a sort of different matter, I’ve noticed that FB changed it’s layout, and then WordPress also sort of changed the taskbar thing recently. Why can’t these sites just stick with one thing instead of changing it all the time? Sure, they’re trying to make things more efficient and improve the user experience, but it’s not very efficient or enjoyable to have to re-acquaint myself with the site every so often~

On another different matter: It was so unfortunate that Darren Lockyer didn’t get to play his last NRL game at the grand final. It would’ve been the perfect send-off (provided the Broncos won the GF if they made it). But, with a career like he’s had, a grand final finish would’ve just been the cherry on top of one heck of a cake.

Being honest, I haven’t followed this season very closely, but I used to be such an avid supporter. During high school, I could’ve told you the name of every player and their positions and jersey numbers. (Unfortunately, uni has since invaded a lot of my memory space and evicted a heap of other stuff.)

Well, I guess the point I’m trying to make is that it doesn’t take an avid fan to know that Lockyer’s a legend. And you don’t have to be a hardcore supporter to feel moved to make a tribute.


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