return of the lounge lizard

Coming home from uni today, I had this inexplicable desire to just lie in front of the TV and watch afternoon cartoons… And that’s exactly what I did!

Well, it was late afternoon / evening when I got back home, but there was still plenty of time before dinner and, more importantly, there were still cartoons on TV. I felt like I was back in school. Those were the good days – back when life was simple… It was a nice way to spend the afternoon/evening. Definitely a much-needed break.

I don’t think I’ll ever out-grow watching cartoons. And not just the cartoons for general/mature audiences (The Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy, etc), but the ones that are actually intended for kids/adolescents too. Today I (half-)watched ‘Sally Bollywood’, ‘Kid vs Kat’ and ‘The Avengers’. (Only half-watched because I was too tired/distracted to pay full attention, and then ‘The Avengers’ was a repeat that I’d already seen before.)

Not. Ashamed. At. All.

I’ve also taken a liking to ‘Deltora Quest’ (also on ABC3 – thank-you ABC for this cartoon-dominated channel). It makes me want to read the books (for some reason, I never read them as a kid, even though they seem like the sort of books I would’ve liked), especially considering that I only have patches of the story because my cartoon-viewing is not very regular/fixed.

Yes, I have a life, thank-you very much.


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