dessert binge

One of the things I learnt about Melbourne in my recent travels is that it’s a city that loves dessert (and sugar in general). There are cafes (a significant number of which are also bars) and patisseries and chocolatiers and cake shops and lolly shops everywhere. It’s incredible.

Honestly, I think I had too many desserts to write about, so I’m just going to give you the highlights.

I did really like the “Bombe Alaska” (I have to write it in inverted commas now because there’s a bit of argument as to whether it qualifies for that name) from Butchers Grill, but I think I wrote enough about that place in my previous entry. No harm in another mention, though, right?

My two favourite places are probably Lindt Cafe and San Churro. The hazelnut hot chocolate and waffle from Lindt Cafe was heavenly. Seriously. (I think it might be a limited offer, too!) And I like San Churro for their delicious mocha pear pudin (even though I’d expected the pears to be a bit softer). I think it’s also the only time I’ve had caffeine after dark – well worth it, too.

Another worthy trip was the one we made to South Yarra in search of Luxbite and Burch & Purchese. It was so hard to choose what to get at B&P (everything looked great!) but I was very happy with my Tarakan chocolate and vanilla mousse, and the “very lemon curd” I brought back home. I was a bit quicker with my selection at Luxbite. Their kaffir lime macaron, to me, was perfect (enough said).

If there’s one thing Melburnians love as much as sugar, it’s alcohol. I had two desserts that contained alcohol (that I remember) in my time there: a quince trifle from Maze and a kahlua slice from Le Bon Cake Shop (down in St Kilda). I liked them both, but the kahlua slice is probably one of the best desserts I had. The alcohol reduced the sweetness, and the portion size was good.

An honourable mention goes to Harajuku Crepes (I’m surprised there’s no website, but I guess it doesn’t really need one). The strawberry + nutella + custard crepe I had was all too easily devoured. Honourable mentions also go to Koko Black and Brunetti – I’d love a second (and third) visit or, better yet, I think a lot of people would be happy if a franchise opened here~

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