da bombe

First night in Melbourne, we went out for dinner at Butchers Grill. That meal was arguably the best meal I had in my one-and-a-bit weeks there. They specialise in Mediterranean food. It’s a very classy place. Really good service.

And because we were there on a Tuesday night, and everyone ordered a main and dessert, we got 50% off the bill. (Just because it’s a classy place, doesn’t mean they can’t partake in “cheap Tuesday”!)

The highlight for me was my dessert, which was their Bombe Alaska. It was the first time I’ve eaten Bombe Alaska, and it was delicious. Unfortunately, I must have been too eager to devour it, so I didn’t take a photo… so you’ll just have to go see for yourself~

I did like my main as well, which was Sarska Pleskavica (I only know/remember the name of it because I just looked it up on their website, which also has a brief description of the dish). The best part of that dish was possibly the cheese centre, which just oozed out of the pattie. Loved it.

But, since Butchers Grill is only arguably the best meal, there are other hot contenders for the title. One of them is World Restaurant and Bar where I had BBQ kangaroo with chocolate sauce. I know, it sounds crazy, but the combination works. I also really liked the creamed cabbage it came with. Who knew cabbage could taste so good?

I also have to give an honourable mention to Amici Bakery/Cafe, where I had chicken saltimbocca (chicken wrapped in prosciutto on soft polenta). I think I actually wanted to lick the plate – it was that good.

And another honourable mention to Giuseppe Arnaldo & Sons for their parmesan crumbed lambs’ brains served with a special tartare sauce. We only ate here because I saw lambs’ brains on their menu (they even have an “offal” section on the menu) when we walked past. It was actually really nice – crunchy on the outside, soft and smooth on the inside. The passionfruit and lemon pudding was very good, too.

I think we’ll also forever remember G.A.S. as the place with the waiter with the fancy water-pouring technique.

5 thoughts on “da bombe

  1. The lamb’s brain looks kind of disturbing… what did it actually taste like? Creamy and velvety? Or more like a non-bloody liver?
    Wow lots of European-sounding names for restaurants here!
    The first time I tried Baked Alaska was in HK… did they light up the meringue with firey rum? It was quite a spectacle… the restaurant owner (whose father was a hotel chef for a famous HK Hotel (Four Seasons I think?) actually came out and told us her story about when she was a little kid, she’d tell her classmates the story about the firey dessert and everybody would be gobsmacked and applaud, and how nobody would do that nowadays haha.. (i.e. be surprised or happy over something so simple).
    Creamed cabbage.. I reckon, add cream to anything and it will taste luscious. Or butter. That’s apparently how they make the mushrooms in French restaurants taste so good, with lots and lots of butter…

    • Yeah, I’d say the lambs’ brains were pretty velvety. Closer to bone marrow than liver. And, yes, thankfully prions are pretty rare in Australia

      Unfortunately, they did not light up the meringue. That would’ve been pretty cool~

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