According to the newspaper today, yesterday’s maximum temperature was just 12.6 degrees (Celsius), making it the coldest day in Brisbane in eleven years. It also meant that it was colder here than in Melbourne. How about that…

I knew it was darned cold yesterday (I think everyone did), but I didn’t realise it was that cold. The 12.6 figure doesn’t even factor in wind-chill and lack of sunlight and stuff like that. The apparent temperature (that is, what it was supposed to have felt like) was closer to just 9 degrees!

I reckon it was still bearable, though. I walked home in the evening in my work uniform plus jacket and I was fine. My face was freezing but, other than that, totally fine. Maybe my plan to build up my cold-tolerance is working…

Much nicer weather today, though. Nice, clear blue skies and sunshine.

2 thoughts on “snap

  1. It was freezing indeed… it doesn’t help that my house is so poorly insulated (it’s a Queenslander with wood and lots of gaps in the floors 😦 )… But ever since staying in Canberra for a week (last month), I’ve realised how warm Brisbane is (I was wearing a strapless dress in close to zero degrees weather for a few hours!!).. but in Canberra, they actually design their houses well so that it’s warm and cosy indoors and you only have to suffer when going out… but darn Queenslander architects did not design their houses to protect us from the chill!

    • hahaha.. I guess they were much too concerned about the killer summer temperatures~ Gotta love our weather, ey? I still see people walking around in shorts and thongs~

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