shady lamps

The other day, my mum was watching ‘The Martha Stewart Show’ (henceforth abbreviated as “TMSS”) and, since I had a bit of time before I had to go to uni, I watched a bit of it. In the segment I saw, Martha was talking to some lamp expert (it seemed like his life was dedicated to lamps and upholstery) and she was saying how a lamp with mismatched lamp-shade and base could ruin a whole room. Yes, that’s pretty much what she said. I distinctly remember her using the word “ruin”.

I never knew that lamps were so important or had such impact that a mismatched one (that does not necessarily mean an ugly one) could spoil an entire room. Note to self: If Martha Stewart or someone of that demographic ever visits, hide all lamps. Actually, I don’t think I even have any lamps… Well, that makes life easier…

Now, you’d think that TMSS is targeted at a very specific demographic, but on the day prior to the lamp and upholstery show, they had a very different theme. I only saw a few minutes at most, but I think that was all I needed to see, really. Basically, the segment involved making (what I presume to be) brownies, and the special guest was none other than Snoop Dogg.

I kid you not! They made brownies and sprinkled sparkly green sugar on it! Now tell me: what sort of demographic are they going for there?

But seriously, I reckon TMSS is a pretty good show for its purpose. I have nothing against it. (I just had to add that disclaimer in case TMSS fans somehow discovered my blog and didn’t agree with what they thought I was saying about TMSS. Not that I’m implying anything there.)


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