sweet and sour

Tonight’s MasterChef challenge was a pressure test. Before they revealed what dish they’d have to cook, they sort of tried to give some hints. I’m not sure how, but I actually guessed it from the first clue (can’t actually remember what that clue was now because I was so excited that I guessed it correctly).

I guess maybe having seen the ads beforehand might’ve helped a bit. Probably a lot of other people who guessed it too… But I’ll just enjoy my parade before it gets rained on.

Sweet and sour pork is actually one of my favourites. I know it’s not particularly healthy (or could it be…?) but I like it all the same. Lots of good foods aren’t actually good for us.

What is always good, though, is a good laugh.

For people who don’t have WordPress, when you log-in, you get taken to the “dashboard” page that’s sort of like the control centre for your blog(s). When I logged-in today, I looked at my stats window, and this is what I saw:

If anyone has any idea why anyone under any circumstance would want to Google “first time asshole heart”, please enlighten me. I think that’s the last time I write a blog entry with the word “ass” in the title.


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