just warning you that there is nothing particularly exciting in this post

Yesterday I worked 8.5 hours (that’s excluding my half hour break). I think that’s the longest shift I’ve ever had. I think towards the end of it, every time I walked past the chairs where people sit to wait for their prescriptions, I was so tempted to just plonk myself down and rest my legs. But, no, I stayed on my feet and somehow survived.

Wasn’t meant to have work today, but got called in to work at SH because someone else was too sick to work. On my way home from uni (where I got the call; needed to go home to change into uniform), I was thinking how it was lucky that this was one of only two Mondays that I didn’t have my 4-5pm class. And the real reason for that was because the excursion to Alphapharm got post-poned because they were being audited. So, really, it was lucky for SH that Alphapharm got audited when they did.

Ok, to be realistic, they probably would’ve found someone else to cover the shift if I couldn’t, but you don’t have to think that far. Just let me enjoy all the coincidences.

On my way to work today, I saw an ibis, and I realised that I hadn’t seen an ibis in a very long time. Maybe the recent cold/dreary weather has sent them packing.

At work today, the pharmacist let me try one of those snack bars designed for people watching their weight. It was meant to be choc-mint flavour. The mint flavour was fine, but it overpowered the chocolate. The whole thing had the consistency of soft nougat and started getting bland by the end of the very small bar. Plus, it left a bad after-taste.

Lesson learnt: do not eat snack bars designed for dieters.

After I left work and walked halfway to the bus stop, I realised that I’d left my umbrella there. Lucky for me, it wasn’t raining and didn’t rain the rest of my way home. But then, maybe it was unlucky that it wasn’t raining because if it was, I would’ve realised I’d left my umbrella inside sooner.

Well, either way, I have more umbrellas at home, so all is not lost. I can go back and get it some other day.


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