Today has been seriously unproductive – to say the least. I think the business plan assignment has given me attention deficit disorder (never realised how weird the word “deficit” looks). The assignment is a group assignment and is broken up into sections. I’ve been allocated parts from three different sections, and in these, there are sub-sections.

What has been happening is that I try working on one sub-section until I get stuck or bored, and then I try working on another sub-section. So, really, I’ve just been jumping from one sub-section to another. Sometimes I don’t even wait until I’m stuck before switching. I’ll just suddenly think of something to write in the other section, and just ditch the one I was supposed to be working on.

It was really nice of the lecturer/tutor to give us a template to follow, but sometimes I still don’t know what I’m meant to be writing or how much I’m supposed to write. I wonder how much the rest of my group has done…..

Anyway, I’ve totally been wanting to write something about ‘Stoked’ for so long now. For those of you unfamiliar with ABC3 programming, ‘Stoked’ is a cartoon on said TV channel about these people who work at a beach resort. I haven’t liked a cartoon this much since ‘Storm Hawks’ (but I don’t think ‘Storm Hawks’ is airing anymore).

To be honest, though, I don’t know exactly when ‘Stoked’ is on. It would’ve been helpful for my shameless promotion of the show. I watch it because it happens to be on when I watch TV in the morning, and it was on when I ate lunch today at 1:45pm. Anyway, you can probably watch it online or something. It’s pretty funny.

Well… I guess I should really be getting back to work now… Unless something happens to prevent me from getting back to work…

Something….. Anything….. Any minute now…..

Oh, ok, I’ll just go …and have afternoon tea!


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