want not

I think I am lacking some noradrenaline (or norepinephrine, if you prefer). The reason I suspect this deficiency is because I’m lacking drive to do things.

I remember in one of my 2nd year Drug Discovery lectures, the lecturer told us that elevating serotonin results in elevated mood, whereas increasing NA increases drive. And this is important because you don’t want to increase drive without elevating mood. It is, however, ok to elevate mood without doing anything to a person’s drive. Well, maybe only in the short term.

I am so distracted.

Since the move off campus, I’ve been walking 2km to pharm school every day, and walking 2km back home most days (when I don’t have to go off to work or something). I’m saving a lot of Go-card money. (Yes, I realise this paragraph is totally out-of-nowhere and completely unrelated to anything, but it’s here anyway.)

Hang on. I feel my motivation coming back. Have to get back to work on that darned competencies report.

Sometimes change is needed, but other times you just have to accept things the way they are.


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