big ass heart

Yes, I watched ‘Glee’ tonight and I really liked that episode because it cheered me up after a dull day at placement. I think it’s pretty cool how they did all these original songs. Don’t know if I have a favourite, though. I liked Mercedes’s ‘Hell to the no’ song and her rhyming of “diabetes” with “Wheeties”.  Seriously, no sarcasm. Puckerman’s song was pretty funny too. And I can’t not give a mention to the finishing song ‘Loser like me’.

Hearing ‘Blackbird’ always reminds me of that time that our girl school captain performed it on assembly in grade 12. It was the first time I heard the song, and I thought it was pretty cool and poignant and all that. I like how ‘Glee’ covers random songs and not just ‘Top 40’ songs. Kudos to them.

Something else that I am happy about is that I am finally doing a weekday post, rather than waiting for the weekend (although this is just barely past the weekend). At least my calendar of posts for the month (top right) will look a little bit more balanced. Plus, I don’t have pressure to write something this coming weekend, which means I am free to do whatever, which will probably end up being case study and report, but I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself here.

Now, as far as subtle mentions go, this is probably far from getting a podium finish, but I am going to proceed, nonetheless, in suggesting that you (yes, you) prolong your procrastinating (not that I condone procrastinating) by visiting the (yes, “the” as in “one and only”) Procrastination Hub. (First time I’ve done a hyperlink in a blog post, by the way.)

I’ve always liked the idea that I can advertise things for free (“freedom of speech” I believe it’s called). Sure, it would be nice to get paid, but if I’m really for something (like ‘Glee’), then I don’t mind so much. I’m sure plenty of you understand (you know who you are).


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