post haste

Feels like this last week has really flown by. I generally find that time passes really quickly at placement and at work. It’s fairly busy … sometimes. But there’s always something to do. At the very least, the shelves are perpetually in need of dusting and cleaning. Good news is that I don’t have to do any cleaning while on placement. (Well… they haven’t asked me to yet.)

This next week will probably be gone before I know it, too. There’s just too much to do: daily reflective logbook, competencies evidence tables and report, case studies.

I think it’s bad that I haven’t had a proper class at uni yet because sometimes it feels like I’m still on holidays and placement is just like one of those weeks when I had work almost every day. Plus, pharm school is totally not communicating with us (by which I mean they’re not sending/posting reminders about what we need to do and when to submit things). I’m paranoid that I’m going to miss a deadline for something I never even knew we had to submit.