I’m too lazy/tired to think of a proper title for this entry, so it’s just going to be called ‘251’, which means it is my 251st entry on this blog.

Full-time placement is so time consuming. I was afraid that I wouldn’t get a chance to write my post for this week, so I’m doing that now, and I don’t really care if it turns out weird/random. I didn’t want to give up on the post-a-week thing in the very first week of semester. Where’s the dedication in that?

I have had to keep a daily logbook for placement, though, so I think I can be excused from writing anything particularly creative here, seeing as I sometimes have to be a bit creative to find sufficient stuff to write about in my logbook.

I’ve been finding that the days/hours go by pretty quickly. I’m assuming that’s because I’ve been kept busy most of the time. But, then again, I do tend to get the simple/boring tasks as well.