cool running

I’ve been enjoying the cooler weather lately – good for going for a walk or relaxing at home, sleeping in or springing out of bed.

I believe today is my first full home-day in almost two weeks now (granted, a lot of my “going out” is just for work). Today would be a good day to go for a run. I reckon I’ve been thinking that a lot recently, but I haven’t acted on it because I’ve been too tired and not bothered from work or other things.

But today I haven’t had work or anywhere to go to, so today I will run. I will run until I am at least as exhausted as every other day these last two weeks or so. And then I will go have dinner and eat to my heart’s content.

I had this forboding thought the other day that no matter how well I try to look after my health, I am going to develop some sort of cardiovascular problem one day. Actually, maybe that’s just a reiteration of what one of my lecturers once said about everyone getting atherosclerosis if they live long enough. (I think this applies for cancer as well.)

But, you know, that’s not to say that we should all just stop looking after ourselves. No, that would be like running toward the crazy person who’s trying to run you over. It’s counterintuitive, in fact. Even if you know you can’t outrun a runaway train in a tunnel of no escape, you keep running anyway.

Speaking of running, I’d better get going.