handwash please

At work today, a young girl of about pre-school age came to the pharmacy with her mum to get a prescription filled. Nothing special, sure, but there’s more to this.

The mum had let the kid hand me the prescription, and that brought such a smile to my face. There’s something about kids doing grown-up things, like paying for stuff or bringing stuff to the counter, that sort of makes me go “aww” inside (although possibly at least partially out of politeness because people like to think that other people think their kids are adorable).

The prescription was for an antibiotic, which certainly isn’t anything out of the ordinary. But I reckon the doctor must’ve told her about hygiene and washing hands or something because the girl wanted to buy two bottles of liquid handwash as well.

The mum only wanted one bottle, but the kid was so insistent (because she liked the flowers on the second bottle) that she relented and bought the second one as well. What a smart kid. Better to have a kid nagging about buying handwash than a kid nagging about buying candy and chocolate, I say!