watch it

I don’t know how many people have noticed this, but on certain public buses where there are a couple of steps around the middle/back of the bus, they have painted-on signs on the steps that say “watch your step”. I just thought it was weird because you’d only see the sign if you were already watching your step, making it a bit redundant.

You might argue that because they wrote it in bright yellow, it’s more likely to catch your eye, and so, if you weren’t already watching your step, you’d see it in your peripheral vision (omg, it took me an extra second to remember how to spell “peripheral”) and hence you would realise that you had to watch your step.

But, you know, if that was the case, then wouldn’t it be as effective (and possibly less labour-intensive) to just paint random yellow lines on the steps? They could just paint the entire steps bright yellow.

I bet this entry makes my life seem pretty dull and boring. It’s not like I don’t do anything, though. I mean, I was on the bus to somewhere to do something with some persons. It’s just that I had nothing to do on the bus except observe my surroundings, which happened to be the interior of a bus.