face it

Ok. I am here to sort of announce my official creation of a Facebook account.

I’ve had my reasons for not getting one (mostly that I don’t want to be stalked (I don’t think following this blog counts as stalking) and I don’t want to give myself more things to worry about/look after), but there have been reasons for getting an account (mostly to do with peer pressure and staying in the loop and related things).

In the end, I think I decided that it was easier to have it there to be neglected (if you won’t let me refuse to get a FB, then at least let me refuse to spend any significant amount of time on it) than to not have it but have people pestering me about it – the path of least resistance. That’s not to say that people were pestering me incessantly – I know you guys have a life – but now and then it would come up and I guess it’s slowly worn away my wall of excuses.

Metaphors aren’t exactly my forte.

I’m actually at uni today because I had to hand in some forms. I haven’t been in the BSL for ages. It still has that familiar smell, though. It’s not a strong smell or anything, but you notice it when you walk in. Well, I noticed it.