going under

Ok, so work got cancelled today because of the flooding. I actually had to call in and ask if I should still go. They’re still open and operating, but I guess the manager thought it’d be better for me not to go.

But I called the place I’m meant to be working at tomorrow and they said they’re not sure if they’ll still be open tomorrow, so I have to wait and call again tomorrow morning.

There was blue sky over my place this morning. Nice blue sky. I can still see some blue sky but it seems like the clouds are trying to creep back. Rain is forecast for the rest of the week, anyway.

Went to buy some groceries with my mum earlier today, seeing as I didn’t have work. I mostly wanted to go along and see the people panic-buying stuff and what sort of food people got.

Shelves of the milk that doesn’t need to be refrigerated (until after opening) were pretty much emptied – as were the bread shelves. There was not a single banana left in my local supermarket. Lots toilet paper and other necessities being sold, too.

All the chocolate looked pretty untouched, though. But that makes sense, seeing as it’s not really essential. However, I did see quite a few people with bottles or cans of soft drink in their trolleys. I thought that was a bit strange.

But, you know, it feels weird to be out buying all this stuff in preparation for the worst. When I look out my window at our street and beyond, it just looks like any other summer day. People are out walking their dogs or going for a run. The sun is shining and the pavement is as dry as ever.

Even seeing all the footage of flood areas on TV, it’s a bit hard to grasp the severity of the situation. 75% of our state has been declared to be a natural disaster zone. Pretty incredible stuff.

Some of the news stories sort of make me feel like I should be out there, helping to do something. But, of course, the Premier insists that it’s best for people to stay at home (unless, of course, you’re in an evacuation area).


2 thoughts on “going under

  1. WOOOOOOO i am ur big fan shrrrrrron

    i told you not to go to work, good goood goood and you didnt’ go

    hows life now? say hi to ur sis for me, i love her falking me

  2. Wahahha funny post Sharon. I love your motive for going to the supermarket (it would’ve been mine too.. hahah)… but if I were in Brisbane at the time, I think I might be stocking up on chocolate as well…

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