rain, rain

Wow… I never thought the rain/flood situation would get this bad… The River’s risen up pretty high. News update person said it’s predicted to be higher than the 1974 flood levels on/by Thursday.

Lots of shops and stuff closed this afternoon. People have been sand-bagging doors and shop fronts and whatnot. Uni cancelled classes for the rest of the week. People in high risk suburbs are being told to evacuate.

Well, looks like things are a lot worse here than I first thought…

Hope no one’s in one of those high flood risk places. The place where I work is in one of those suburbs. And I have work tomorrow, so it’ll be interesting to see how things are then… The complex is pretty much across the road from the river, but my building is sort of further up the hill, so it should be ok.

But, you know, the fact that we’ve had a flood like this before, and we’ve survived for 26 or so years afterwards sort of tells me that this won’t be the end of the world (or the end of QLD for that matter). (Apologies if I’ve been mentioning that too much in recent posts.)

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