just for kicks

I was recently at a fairly busy bus stop, waiting for a bus home. There was a guy sitting next to me on the bench. This random guy came up to the guy on the bench and asked where he bought his shoes from (I glanced quickly at the shoes – they appeared to be black Addidas sneakers). And then they start having a conversation about limited edition shoes and where to get them from.

I could feel the conversation getting a bit awkward, as unexpected conversations between total strangers do, but they did talk more than I would’ve expected them to.

There was this one time earlier this year when I was on my way to class, I overheard a guy talking to his friend about the shoes of another guy walking a bit in front of us. Then he went and asked the guy in front where he got his shoes from. But that was the extent of the conversation. (Amusing nonetheless.)

And the moral of the story is that guys like shoes, too. Really, really like shoes. Enough to ask random strangers where they get their shoes from. I don’t think I’ve ever overheard a girl asking a total stranger where she got her shoes/clothes/whatever from. Maybe girls are just better informed and already know where to buy everything.

2 thoughts on “just for kicks

  1. But I think girls have too much of an ego thing going on with their own fashion sense… so they might feel stupid to ask girls where they got their clothes/shoes from… Also they would probably overthink, and think that the girl (being admired for her clothing) would be overly-protective of her style and not want to disclose the secret of where she gets her nice clothes from, and risk having girl B wear the exact same piece of clothing (which is apparently devastating to girls.)
    I think that I’ve overheard a girl ask a stranger where she got her hair cut though.

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