just for kicks

I was recently at a fairly busy bus stop, waiting for a bus home. There was a guy sitting next to me on the bench. This random guy came up to the guy on the bench and asked where he bought his shoes from (I glanced quickly at the shoes – they appeared to be black Addidas sneakers). And then they start having a conversation about limited edition shoes and where to get them from.

I could feel the conversation getting a bit awkward, as unexpected conversations between total strangers do, but they did talk more than I would’ve expected them to.

There was this one time earlier this year when I was on my way to class, I overheard a guy talking to his friend about the shoes of another guy walking a bit in front of us. Then he went and asked the guy in front where he got his shoes from. But that was the extent of the conversation. (Amusing nonetheless.)

And the moral of the story is that guys like shoes, too. Really, really like shoes. Enough to ask random strangers where they get their shoes from. I don’t think I’ve ever overheard a girl asking a total stranger where she got her shoes/clothes/whatever from. Maybe girls are just better informed and already know where to buy everything.

be brave

Seems like sometimes I have quite a lot on my mind. (Yes, even though it is holidays now.) The problem with having so many thoughts swirling around in my head is that it’s hard to get them all out and sorted.

Sometimes I just want to be like one of those people who are seemingly so carefree and enjoy life without being pre-occupied with so many thoughts of non-immediate things.

But, you know, life wasn’t made for enjoying. Life was made for living, and that, my friend, encompasses everything, not just enjoyment and happy times and so on and so forth.

Life is not cruel or unfair. Life is simply insensible to the anguish and hurt of those it carries.

Take control. Be brave.

Bravery does not preclude fear, nor does it necessitate hope. It means having a go, giving it your best, and not backing down.

what to do

Well… holidays are coming along nicely…

Actually, to be honest, I don’t really know what to do with myself half the time. I pretty much have to resort to all the time wasters that I did my best to avoid throughout the semester: MSN, blogs, games, youtube, random internet browsing…

I wanted to borrow a book from the library to read, but nothing really appealed to me at the time. I want to get through at least two novels these holidays (seeing as ‘Vanity Fair’ took the entire summer to finish last time – but it was a really good book~).

I should really do something about all this mess around my desk that’s accumulated because of the I-have-more-urgent-things-to-do excuse.

Not sure if I’ll be leaving town these holidays. It’s my last three-month holiday, assuming I start pre-reg within three months of finishing fourth year, assuming I finish fourth year next year.

I’m sort of anticipating having to work a fair bit, but we’ll see how that goes. I don’t really want to spend my whole holidays working. Don’t get me wrong – I like work (mostly), but working too much defeats the point of having a holiday.

Bring on the festivities~

P.S. Yes, Laserforce was quite fun yesterday.


In the first week of exams, I had a one-hour exam, two two-hour exams and one oral exam. Just two more to go: Monday (going to miss out on Junior Masterchef final..!) and Wednesday.

I am soooooooo tired

But I’ve been trying to keep my sleeping/waking patterns pretty consistent throughout exam time. The least sleep I’ve had in one night was about a bit over 5 hours on the night before my 3012 (the therapeutics, “Quality Use of Medicines” course) exam at 8am on Friday morning. There was just way too much to remember for that. It’s been all about micro-organisms and cancer and respiratory diseases this semester.

Shortly after that exam, I had to go to work for 5 hours. At least they gave me some mindless tasks to do like removing labels from patient folders. This meant I could sit down and physically rest as well as having a bit of a mental break.

I was talking to the pharmacists about how I’m in the middle of exams, so one of them asked if I’d be spending the weekend studying hard for my Monday exam. But, no, I’m working all weekend instead. Can’t complain, though, really. I did tell the HR manager that I’d be available both days – just didn’t expect to be rostered on both days. Actually, to be honest, I think I sort of did expect it. Oh well…

I had to work 8am-5pm today, which meant another day of early rising and a day spent mostly on my feet and .. doing .. stuff. Saturdays at work are always exhausting. Another six hours of work tomorrow (Sunday). I don’t mind so much, though – too much study can be a bad thing.

Did I really just say that?

I shouldn’t be writing this but I’m too sleepy to retain information from study.

A great thing about blogs is that you can write whatever you want and rant and rave and complain all you like, and you feel like you’re getting your frustrations out and heard and acknowledged – but, really, no one might even read what you wrote, so you don’t have to feel like you’re burdening anyone else with all your troubles.

dilemma 3032

I have an exam tomorrow.

But I don’t need to pass. I don’t even have to write anything down – just show up and fill out the little attendance slip and I’m done.

But I want to pass the exam. It’s sort of a matter of pride.

But part of me doesn’t want to waste time studying for this exam when there are other exams needing more attention.

But… hmm…

Fine, back to study.