I have been coerced into moving my blog to WordPress. Well, more like “forced” because Spaces is closing down next year or something, but not really “forced” because I still had a choice. Not sure if this move is going to sort of discourage my blogging, though. I mean, it seems less convenient to use. I stuck with Spaces because I could access it from Hotmail and it was easy to use.

But don’t get me wrong, I still like writing stuff, and I’m not afraid of having to put in a little bit more effort into getting to my own blog, but … energy conservation is good. Isn’t that what people go on about now with all that global warming and whatnot?

Yeah, I don’t really know what I’m writing either. But, hey, I already have a comment, and it’s from “Mr WordPress”. It says I can delete it – basically asking to be deleted – but I reckon I want to keep it there. After all, it is technically my first comment at this new location. It’s sort of like keeping the first junk mail you receive at a new house, but that’s a bit more pointless.

It’s going to take a while to get used to this new site. Bear with me!