adventures abound

Time for the obligatory first-week-back-at-uni blog entry. And what a week it’s been, too…! Incessant rain for the greater part of it (or what seemed like the greater part of it), and ever-present cloud cover. Feels like it’s been ages since I saw blue sky. Well, there are patches here and there, but we haven’t had clear blue sky in quite some time.

I heard about the crazy hail storms in Melbourne last night this morning. (That might sound a bit confusing, but I don’t know how to make it less confusing while still saying all that. Ok, so I could chuck "this morning" at the start of the sentence but that still sounds a bit weird to me. English is a very complicated language.) Actually, my mum told me about it last night, but I saw the footage of the massive hail stones and all the damage on the news this morning. Pretty crazy stuff. I think they said some hail stones were as big as 10cm in diameter.

As much as we would all like to complain, some other place always has it worse. Melbourne and their hail storms, Charleville and their flooding. But I don’t think I really minded the rain too much. It was a nice change from all the heat of the preceding days. And now we’re moving into Autumn, so things shouldn’t get too hot again for a while.

Pharmacy people have moved into the new PACE building now. I’m only there three days a week, though. The other two days are on campus. At first, I thought it might be a nice way to split up the week, but now I think it’s just made it feel longer. This first week seems to have taken a whole month. I’m not sure if the weather affected that. Maybe I just haven’t been sleeping enough.

They gave us an assignment the first day back. But I suppose quite a few of you would’ve gotten assignments and stuff, too, so it’s nothing special, really. That’s what course coordinators do on the first day, right? They welcome you and warn you of everything you’re going to have to deal with over the next few months. (Surely, they have to do that before the deadline to drop courses.) My assignment was a reflection, but that’s harder than you might think. It was harder than I first thought, at least. I only just finished it today.

I managed to successfully instal and use the scanner just then, too. Sort of seems like I’m getting quite a lot done today. Hopefully I can keep up my productivity throughout semester, rather than tapering off and crashing. Oh, who am I kidding – I’ll be fine.

Just something interesting I learnt this week that I thought I’d mention: If you’re able to fall asleep ok, but then you wake up at, like, 3am in the morning without being woken by an alarm or a trespasser or some other commotion, and you can’t get back to sleep again, then it is possible that you have depression. I’m assuming that’s if it happens often or consistently.

I’m not sure why that could be a sign of depression, though. It’s just what the lecturer said. I was trying to figure it out the other day, but I don’t think I know enough about neurochemistry and whatever to figure out the theory myself. Or do I…? I’ll continue pondering that and other interesting things later. Right now I have to get back to studying!


4 thoughts on “adventures abound

  1. haha Sharon you made me think just then- in the holidays I had this weird habit of waking up in the middle of the night.. don\’t think I\’m depressed though. ^^" Hm… it\’s really weird actually.. I had insomnia when i was primary school in HK.. except, the day times during that time was good.. I was happy during the day; it was only during the night times that it was not good. Think.. maybe there\’s a lot of things to do with hormones and stuff like that. Either way, I\’m happy to say- I\’ve been sleeping rather well recently. 🙂 Hopefully will see you soon… possibly at Jess\’s bday?

  2. Uh oh,it\’s global warming!Or maybe it’s the iceage as some believe。 Either way the weather is going haywire。

  3. yes hailstorms. i think it was on sat arvo while i was takin an arfternoon nap, then the whole house sounded like its going thru a giant cement mixer machine wiht the noise and all. lol hows the flood up there? oh i heard that coles near our place got flooded. but its fun seeing natural disasters without ppl getting hurt.

  4. Nice weather – got wet thrice that week – with an umbrella! Our lecturer showed us the dam levels this morning – wow 93.8% !! I guess that\’s one good thing about the weather…no need to drink poo poo water…

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