lesson whatever

It’s been a relatively short time, and I feel like blogging again. Amazing, isn’t it? But sarcasm and irony and rhetorical questions aside, I think I should take advantage of this writing mood and write something worthwhile. Oh, who am I kidding – what would this be without sarcasm, irony and rhetorical questions?

Maybe that was the extent of it. I just needed to release some insanity before uni starts again. I should stop mentioning that because it probably makes reading all this more dreary or whatever. You know, "whatever" is actually a very useful word. Some of you might have noticed that I use it quite a bit to substitute for words I can’t quite think of, or to finish off lists and sentences, or… whatever.

Anyway, it was market day today at uni. I didn’t get much free stuff, though. But I only really needed to get myself a diary and a wall planner/calendar thing. I didn’t join anything except QPSA (pharmacy association), which I only really need for discounted books. Oh, and I can do their Blackmores course if they have it again this year for 3rd years. I thought that was quite good last year. I don’t remember too much from it, but I still have the booklets they gave us, so I can revise.

I think I’ve been planning to do revision these holidays ever since results came out. It’s not that I got bad results, but I just figured it’d be good to revise what I’ve learnt these last two years because I actually need to remember a lot of it for the rest of my working life. And, yes, it does mean that I did plan for some study-free time between the end of exams and the release of exam results.

But, no, I haven’t even done that much study or revision. I’ve been too busy reading ‘Vanity Fair’, which I haven’t even been that busy with. I’ve really been too busy agonising over writing this blog. Actually, no, this is more like something I either just write or I just leave it and get on with something else. I just felt like using the word "agonising" for some inexplicable reason. Does it even make sense to say "inexplicable reason"? If it’s inexplicable, doesn’t that mean there’s no reason? Whatever.

Ate out at a restaurant in the Valley tonight. It’s run by a hospitality school for the purposes of training students, so it was just $19.50 for an entree, main and dessert. I reckon that’s pretty good, considering some places charge twice as much just for a main. But I guess I’ll have to go and see if that one dish is equal to twice the entire meal offered at the hospitality school.

Here’s some random stuff I learnt today: It only takes about 20 minutes for me to walk from home to the new pharmacy centre. Walking seems to take longer if it’s incredibly hot. Automatic swinging doors are a bit scary. Certain mops can look like pogo sticks from far away (there was a girl walking across the bridge with a mop that I initially thought might be a pogo stick – in some respects, it would’ve made more sense for her to have a pogo stick than a mop). Spatchcock has too many tiny bones (but it was still nice).


2 thoughts on “lesson whatever

  1. misss you sharon!i didnt\’ get much freebies this time at orientation… i reckon the whole economy is going down to the extent that they are cutting down the fre pens, notebooks, lollies and bags given out.oh and i am falling in love with jerry yan, newest drama down wih love with ella in it. cant believe i like him soo much. i would soo marry him if i see him next time.

  2. Hi Shaz!A girl with a pogo stick would make much more sense than a girl with a mop. Unless it was Halloween, which of course it is not. In Halloween, one is supposed to fly with a broom, but a mop can make a nice change.HHAHAH you ate your spatchcock so funny, dislocating every single joint!! I thought you had chewed on the bones to make them small! I left my spatchcock bones relatively more intact…

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