pitter patter

Today’s been a bit of a slow day. I got up around 9:30 this morning, but haven’t done that much. Felt really tired this morning. Not physically tired, and not sleepy. Just felt like I had no energy. I’m willing to blame it on the weather. It’s not really conducive of any sort of activity. Even writing this feels like so much effort.

This doesn’t sound like a very good start to the new year…

It hasn’t rained today yet, but all the rain this last week or so reminded me of this rather old song called “summer rain”. I think it was originally sung by a “Belinda Carlisle”. (I’m not sure why I’m putting her name in inverted commas. It’s not like she’s a fictional person or something. I’m sure she’s a real person. Not to say that I’ve actually ever met her or have any other proof that she’s real. Oh, whatever. I don’t want to get into this metaphysics or whatever stuff now.)

The version of the song that I know, however, is the remix version sung by “Slinkee Minx”. I think they released it around 2004, so still quite a long time ago. Honestly, I didn’t particularly like the song back then, but I’ve taken a bit of a liking to it since it randomly popped into my head the other day. But, I have to admit, if I have that song playing over in my head for too long, it does start to get a bit annoying. But otherwise, it’s quite a nice song (either version).

This holiday season has been quite alright. Nothing too eventful, but still special, and enough to keep me pre-occupied and happy.

We had a little bit of a scare before fireworks on new year’s eve, when it started spitting at, like, five minutes to midnight. But the rain went away as quickly as it had come, so we stayed dry for the night. Of course, the fireworks weren’t as spectacular as they were for Riverfire, but they were good all the same.

Just under two months before we get back to uni. Isn’t that a horrifying thought? Only two months. But what to do in that time? I haven’t even finished reading ‘Vanity Fair’ yet. I’m not even halfway. Not that that’s too surprising, considering I’m not a very fast reader, and the book is quite long. But I had been hoping to read at least two novels these holidays. That’s probably quite a bit lower than previous targets set for previous summer holidays, but I’ve been finding other ways to keep pre-occupied, such as knitting, which I did a bit more of this morning.

It’s just a simple scarf. Nothing fancy. Just one type of yarn and one stitch method or whatever it’s called. I don’t know these technical terms. I’m quite determined to finish this one. I’d started one a long time ago, but never finished it for reasons I no longer remember, so I want to see this one through to the end.

Clouds are shrouding us in moments unforgettable…


2 thoughts on “pitter patter

  1. Hello Sharon! Timetable of uni is already out. I\’m packed! EVERYDAY OF UNI ONCE AGAIN! looks like we\’re gonna do some catch up with the BSHS 07 crew sometime. Starting with my 21st bday. xD

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