I’ve gotten a fair bit done today. Ok, maybe not that much…

Little bits here and there. Not too intensive. This morning I cleaned up my desk a bit – chucked out random scrap pieces of paper that have been accumulating, and I put some notebooks away on the shelf thing.

Organising things so that they seem neat and, well, organised again. That didn’t exactly work out as intended, but it’s still tidier than before. I figure it’s good to get all that sorting and clearing out done earlier in the holidays so that I can just do whatever for the rest of the time.

‘Vanity Fair’ (William Thackeray): started reading this today but I didn’t get too far into it before I got distracted with clearing out junk from my desk.

Excuse me for not recounting things in chronological order. I was getting rid of some letters and things from banks and wherever, so I had to shred them up. Of course, we do not have a shredder, so I had to manually shred them.

Yes, we used to have one – long time ago, though – but then the blades got blunt or something. I don’t know. Anyway, point is, I got a bit of a headache from tearing up all that paper. Nothing a bit of food couldn’t help, though.

On top of organising papers, had to re-organise stuff on my laptop. I moved lecture notes, etc to my other hard drive. I also went through the folders, trying to find things to delete.

Usually I’m quite reluctant to delete uni-related files, but I tried to be a bit more ruthless this time. I ended up deleting 30-something items, which isn’t too bad. It actually feels quite nice to delete things and then empty the recycle bin.

Just this afternoon, I got back to playing those little mini games that have been terribly neglected during semester. Didn’t stick with that for too long, though, because I was playing just a bit before lunch, and then after lunch I didn’t really feel like playing anymore. I watched two episodes of ‘Family Guy’. Good cartoon, that is. I have it all on my laptop, but, in the spirit of deleting things, I deleted the ones I’ve watched already. My sister has them on one of her external hard drives, anyway.

Right now I have the ‘Family Guy’ theme song in my head. Sorry if that’s gotten it in your head too. Has anyone seen the ads for ‘The Cleveland Show’ yet? I just saw one just before when I went to have dinner. (For those who don’t know, Cleveland is a friend of the main dude from ‘Family Guy’.) Hmm… imagine if ‘The Simpsons’ had a spin-off show for the Flandersss.

These days I’ve noticed that my posts have sort of been getting shorter. And I’ve been thinking that maybe that’s a good thing – in terms of being easier for people to read and me not being bothered to write so much. Well, it’s not like I have that much to ramble on about, anyway. Theoretically, I could, but theory doesn’t always come into practice.

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