just a quick mention

 I’m not going to suppose that anyone actually watched the AFL grand final on Saturday, and I’m not supposing that anyone who reads this is much interested in AFL, but I’m going to write about it, anyway. You people should know what you’re missing out on. But, of course, I understand if it’s not exactly your thing, and I’m fine with that. You can just skip the next three paragraphs (yes, three!). Do not despair, though! That’s the end of the AFL season this year, so it probably won’t come up again in my blog until the 2010 season.

As those of you who read my last entry and paid enough attention to it to remember would know, I had wanted the Saints to win the grand final. And, as those of you who watched the grand final or saw it on the news or otherwise inadvertantly found out about it would know, the Saints did not win. Geelong won. And by two goals, too. Not that that’s that disappointing (yes, I am allowed to use three “thats” in a row), considering that they’re both Victorian teams and I am not overly fond of Victorian teams. I think I mostly wanted the Saints to win because they haven’t won a premiership since, like, forever, and because Riewoldt (their captain) is a Queenslander, and because they were minor premiers.

I suppose it’s just as good that the Cats won because they lost the grand final last year after winning the 2007 one, and it’d be damn disappointing to come second two years in a row. Not good for the morale. And then one of them dudes is retiring, presumably. I haven’t been following it, but he’s one of their better players and they wanted to give him a good send off, even though he wasn’t sure if he was going to retire or not. Saints can probably have another good crack at it next year, anyway.

I’ll be interested in seeing how well the Lions go next year because they actually finished in the top 8 this year. If you’d asked me at the start of the season if I thought they’d make it to the top 8, I would have said ‘no’. I remember seeing a tipping thing around the start of the season, where someone asked a bunch of experts or whoever who they thought would finish in the top 8 this year, and only one of them had said the Lions would. Kudos to that person, whoever they are. And I am also eagerly awaiting the induction of the Gold Coast team into the league (actually, maybe not that eagerly, but it sounds better if I say I’m “eagerly awaiting” rather than “disinterestedly awaiting” or just “awaiting”).

I could not possibly not write about the chocolate buffet, could I? That, my friends, was a lot of chocolate (and, yes, too many negatives in that rhetorical question). But I am determined to not let it beat me. I will conquer the chocolate buffet one day …maybe. They’ll still have it next year, yeah? Otherwise, the place does do a breakfast buffet, and I sure do like my breakfast foods. I suppose it might be easier next time (assuming I’m not too busy next year to spare an evening for a next time) because I’ve been once now, and know what to expect. We shall just have to wait and see.

And, no, surprisingly, I did not do any guilt exercise per se. Like, I didn’t do anything extra on top of my usual walking and whatever else it is that I do. Thinking takes up energy. Brains need energy. Carbohydrates are the brain’s primary source of energy. Yes, this is my random attempt to add something educational and useful into this. Do not be afraid of carbohydrates, people! Well, you know, I could write something educational about infrared spectroscopy or mifepristone as a contraceptive, but then, who, really, is interested in all that sort of stuff? Of course I am, but then it’d turn out like the AFL thing, where no one who reads this actually knows/cares about what I’m saying about it.

Yes, I know, this isn’t going anywhere. But the main point was just to mention the AFL grand final and then talk about chocolate buffet, and I’ve done that now. (Hmm… Should that have been the other way around – “talk about the AFL and then mention the chocolate buffet”?) Actually, I should also mention the dinner on Tuesday night. That was good. Hot pot and stone grill at Antartic Circle. (Should I be advertising them? Too bad, I already am. Suppose I should mention then that the chocolate buffet was at Bistro Allure. Very friendly service there.) I suppose having to cook the food ourselves made it quite a bit more fun – added an extra element to it all.

Mid-semester break is going quickly again. Still haven’t done that much. Need to finish off two more case studies for placement, need to finish biom assignment, need to read articles for 2050 exam. I’m probably missing stuff. We can just leave it at that for now. We don’t want to be stressing out too much while we’re procrastinating. No, that would be bad. Procrastination should be a time for relaxing. Relax, people! Actually, this is about all that I have to write this time, so you can get back to work now.


2 thoughts on “just a quick mention

  1. i used to watch afl, when the lions were on top. which was like 4/5 years ago. so yes, i am actually interested. just not as interested as i used to be . i like that a lot of the older players are still around for the lions though didn\’t they change coach? yes as you can tell by now i only know about the lions. i also used to watch nrl when the broncos were on top. haha, so i\’ve lost my interest in both but the point is, you\’re not alone. at least, wasn\’t :Pwooo, your mention of all the work you should\’ve done makes me/us (readers) feel guilty for not having done anything! and advertising on blogs are good. when people take notice 😉

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