hot and cold

I am supposing that my body’s homeostatic temperature control is a bit out of whack. And it doesn’t help that we’ve had some crazy weather lately. Technically we’re still in winter. It’s the last few weeks of winter, but it’s winter all the same. Got up to about 28-29 degrees this other day. Then it was cold again. Now it’s quite warm again. I think we’re in for a pretty damn hot summer (assuming we don’t manage to escape from here, that is).

Probably a bit early to be talking about the summer considering we haven’t even entered spring yet. But omg.. summer is going to be killer. Ok, yeah, I’m done.

But, anyway, all this crazy temperature fluctuation is messing with my body – particularly on Friday. But I don’t know if that was just me because I went to the City and was going in and out of buildings so much. Well, that’s my theory about it, anyway. It helps if I stay in the one place and let my temperature normalise. (Or maybe it was just because it was cooler after sunset.)

As usual, I’m procrastinating by writing all this. Am supposed to be writing up the discussion part of my 2041 prac. I’ve done one question, but still have another to answer. But I don’t really understand it all, so I don’t really know what to write for it, and I’m sort of sick of reading about it, so I’m taking a quick-ish break.

Something I’d like to know is why on earth there is no “fluorescence spectroscopy for dummies” book? Actually, I don’t know if there isn’t because I haven’t actually looked for one yet, but I’d assume there wouldn’t be one because, honestly, who the heck would think that there’d be a market for such a book? Ok, fine, I just answered my own question about why such a book (presumably) doesn’t exist. But, seriously, we don’t get taught this sort of stuff in lectures, and then they expect us to write about it in our prac reports…!

And then chances are that fluorescence spectroscopy won’t even get tested in the final exam, so I’m going to all this effort to teach myself all this stuff just for a few marks on this one prac report. Well, ok, maybe it’ll come up again in future pracs or whatever, but for now I’m complaining about it because I don’t know that for sure. And also just because I can. And because what better way to procrastinate from doing a prac write-up than to go off and complain about it?

I suppose things have been otherwise uneventful. Well, not really, but I don’t suppose it’s of particular interest or benefit to my general readership to know. I actually haven’t done as much study/work/whatever as I probably should be doing. After doing the prac report, I have to prepare for my 2020 one on Monday, and maybe write up some case studies from placement. Still have to catch up on study, and will need to prepare for another 2041 prac this coming Thursday.

My work is never done. This coming from someone who studies in the holidays, too. Attempts to study, anyway.

Looking forward to holidays. They’re still quite a long way off, but we’ve already had four weeks of uni. I reckon that went pretty quick. Sure, at times (such as during particularly boring lectures) everything seemed to pass so slowly, but overall it’s been pretty quick. I remember there was this one lecture (forget what it was about, of course) that I was contemplating just staring at the clock and watching the seconds tick by. But then, surprisingly enough, staring at a ticking clock is actually more boring than listening to a lecture about who knows what.

Seriously, though, I’ve found most lectures so far this semester to be quite interesting. Like, I’ve actually stayed awake in them, and was only ever at any sort of risk of falling asleep in maybe one or two lectures (perhaps that is an under-estimation – I don’t know). Well, anyway, seems like I’m back into pro-study mode, which means it’s time to get back to work.


2 thoughts on “hot and cold

  1. hey sharon!Haven\’t seen you around uni this semester.. hopefully will see you soon~ And yes.. the temperature has been weird.. it was SO hot this arvo!

  2. fluroescence spectrospcopy!! i know what you mean! had to do it for chem prac last semester! just google, trust me, googling is like the way to go lol, i\’ve tried watching seconds tick by too, it is rather mundane. surprisingly it doesn\’t tick you to sleep though.anyhow have fun studying! work loads never decrease do they?

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